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KLM Baby Care

You love your babies and so do we. We understand their skin better.

KLM was first incorporated in 2006 as Dermaceutical Company in India and there after we have grown in leaps and bound. After phenomenal success of its Dermaceutical divisions with Pan India presence and alongside neighbouring countries, thereafter we created our paediatric division in 2016, with all hard and skilful efforts along with quality products, serving with thought of “Gentleness” in mind. We have been well accepted among paediatric fraternity and secured our position with our active, confident and self-motivated field force as an emerging company within a short span of time.

Our Vision & Mission

"Paediatric dermatology products were not much focused before. We know, children skin differs from adults in their biology, their skin requires special attention and care. It is therefore essential that products used for them should be developed properly and using child-friendly formulations.
At KLM, we believe that developing paediatric products formulation requires to select special ingredients to be choosen with its rational, proper methodological approach and the ability to tap into the expertise of key partners. Commitment to children’s care is all we need to succeed."

- Our Vision

"We focus our efforts on bringing new formulations to the market. Our particular focus on the pharmaceutical formulation to ensure high quality and better acceptance of our products by the paediatric patients."

- Our Mission