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Did you know ?

  • Your baby’s skin is 30% thinner than your skin.
  • Baby’s skin is 3x larger relative to their size. (Larger Surface area as compared to body mass ratio)
  • Baby’s skin absorbs ad loses moisture 2x faster.
  • Babies are more prone to dry & sensitive skin.
  • Soap-free cleansers, Syndet bars do not deplete the skin’s oil.
  • Cradle cap is normal and will go away.
  • Babies get acne and rashes too.
Baby Skin Care Guide

Infants should be moisturized daily!!

  • It keeps baby’s skin hydrated and soft.
  • It helps treat skin rash, eczema and dry skin.
  • It provides them with a healthy barrier against bacteria and infection.
  • It protects against effects of harsh external environments.
Infants should be moisturized daily

Benefits of oil in massage

  • It will reduce friction, helping make strokes smoother and more rhythmic.
  • Infants who were massaged with oil showed less fidgeting, less grimacing and less stress behavior.
  • Oil decreases the TEWL and provides occlusive action.
Benefits of oil in massage

Benefits of baby massage oil for infants

  • It keeps baby relaxed.
  • It promotes sounder and longer sleep.
  • It promotes bonding and communication.
  • It helps in digestion and blood circulation.
  • Oil helps to make baby skin smooth, shiny, and healthy.
Benefits of baby massage oil for infants

Benefits of baby massage oil for parents

  • It improves parent-infant communication.
  • It helps parents to understand and respond appropriately to baby's nonverbal cues.
  • It promotes feelings of competence and confidence in caring for baby.
  • It is fun and relaxing for parents to massage their children.
Benefits of baby massage oil for parents

Best time to massage

  • Parents must wait for the infant to complete one month of life before massage begins.
  • Best time to massage when baby is alert, well-rested and seems interested in environment.
  • When baby less likely to feel full or hungry.
  • Massage before bath is the best time to massage.
Best time to massage